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Under our brands, Rodip always brings Excellency in what we propose to develop. Our goal is not only to sell, but also to offer smart solutions to our partners. Our success is based on core values like integrity, ethics and a sensitive vision on the future!
Founded in 1992, distributing an OEM line for Scania and Mercedes trucks and also for the national buses, we already demonstrated strength and a large coverage, reaching the entire national market within a few months. In 2002 Rodip created its first brand, Truck Mechanic ™, beginning to import and to distribute many new items, instantly expanding its market share and products range. Years later, now with broader market expertise, our second brand was founded, Experience™ Spare Parts. Operating in the market for over 25 years, nowadays Rodip is actively present in 100% of our national territory and currently exports to multiple countries in Africa, Europe, Asia and The Americas.


Here you find all the new releases, besides tips for your daily activities on the workshop or spare parts shops, and much more.


Truck Mechanix™ has the largest and most complete line of sensors and switches in Brazil Sensors, actuators, cables & connections systems are increasingly important and essential for the proper functioning of modern vehicles. The perfect definition of these elements is an indisputable factor of competitive advantage for today’s automobile manufacturers, […]

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Sensor line
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Fuel pumps, cabin tilt pumps and belt tensioners

Truck Mechanic™ has the biggest and most complete line of Tensioners, fuel and cabin tilt pumps. Fuel pump, Tilt pump, belt tensioners and pulleys, are among the most profitable products in our range. They are also components of extreme importance for the proper operation of your vehicle. The correct application […]

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Savings! How important is the perfect functioning of your gearbox?

With our gearbox line of products the difference is clear! Greater efficiency and economy need to be ensured throughout the life cycle of a commercial vehicle; the transmission is an extremely important item to achieve a considerable level of reduction i fuel consumption and control of CO² emissions. In addition to […]

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